North City Virtual Reality



North City VR has 4 dedicated booths for hire using the latest in Premium Virtual Reality Headsets and Gaming PC's to create an experience beyond anything available at home.

Pricing is per booth for the period of time indicated. Booths can be shared between customers, however we recommend a maximum of 2 people to share a 30 minute booking or 3 people for a 1 hour booking.

Please Note: North City VR is only available when PREBOOKED

A completed SECURITY form will also be required (available at reception). Someone within your group must provide valid Identification or a Visa/Mastercard and agree to cover loss or damage if the play rules are not followed or deliberate damage occurs. A sample security form is available here

Time                                                                                   Cost


Time Booth Cost
30 Minutes (maximum of 2 people) $25.00
1 Hour (Maximum of 3 people) $40.00

Kids Birthdays and Adult packages are available here

Please call us on (04) 237-4428 to book