Welcome to a new reality.

Virtual Reality is unlike any other experience out there and cannot be described without experiencing it for yourself.

"How do you explain the colour green to a colour blind person?"

North City Virtual Reality aims to give you a taste of the virtual world, transporting you into a wide variety of games and experiences, suitable for all age groups and abilities. We are happy to guide you into your virtual world.

Don't just watch - be part of the experience, just like you are there!

North City VR has the latest in room scale virtual reality equipment, meaning you can move, duck, walk, swing and crawl your way around the play arena and your movements will be replicated in the virtual world. We have 4 booths available, so groups can play together and in some activities - interact in the virtual world with each other.

North City VR is ONLY AVAILABLE when PREBOOKED. To avoid disappointment, please call us on 04 237 4428 to book.

Not all the staff at North City Tenpin can run VR so please give us a call to see what your options are.